How to Clean a Electric Roaster Oven After Thanksgiving

Learn how to properly clean your roaster oven in five easy steps.

A countertop roaster oven is a great alternative to the traditional oven for extra cooking space, convenience, and ease. They’re ideal for cooking turkey, beef, lamb, ham, and much more.

However, after dinner is over, you’ll have to clean up. Roasters produce burnt carbon and leave a holding pan full of melted fats, oils, and meat drippings.
You can clean a roaster oven efficiently and with little hassle. Just follow these five steps.

1. Let it cool

Turn the roaster oven off. Allow it to cool for at least one hour before you start cleaning it.

2. Remove & clean attachments

Remove any attachments and accessories. This can include rotisserie skewers, racks, and trays.

Use pot holders from here on out. Roaster ovens get very hot.

Carefully take out the catch tray at the bottom, if possible. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to see if your roaster’s drip tray is removable. Remember: never pour hot grease down the sink drain. 

If the drip tray is removable, soak it in hot water with a mild detergent for a few minutes while you clean the rest of the oven. 

If the drip tray is not removable, use a cotton washcloth, scouringpad, or paper towels to gently wipe out the area, lifting out the gelled grease and debris.

3. Clean the inside

Pick off and discard any large pieces of food from inside the roaster oven.

Wash the inside of the roaster oven with a damp cloth and dish soup. It may be necessary to use a small amount of cleaning solution or mildly soapy water to break up all the excess grease and oil.

If there are any food or stains that are tough to get rid of, you can also use equal parts baking soda and vinegar to more easily scrub them off.

Don’t use abrasive or harsh cleaning agents on your oven. And don’t get any water on your roaster oven’s electrical parts or wiring.

4. Clean the outside

Use water or a diluted food-grade cleaner and a damp cloth to wipe off the outside of your roaster oven.

Be sure to clean all over the device. Pay special attention to cracks and crevices where carbon, grease, and debris can stick.

Wash the lid of the roaster in warm, soapy water.

5. Air dry

Allow the roaster oven to air dry completely before reusing it.

Clean your roaster oven regularly, as extra grease and burnt carbon build up over time. Contrary to what some people claim, allowing deposits of carbon and oil to build up is unhealthy and doesn’t add flavor.

Taking these simple steps to care for and maintain the roaster oven ensures your friends and family can always enjoy the fresh, juicy taste of home roasted meats and vegetables.

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